Fluttered for Saint Vincent’s

The butterfly in the Saint Vincent’s logo represents the transformation and change we see in the lives of the children, youth and families we serve. Our vision is to be a place of positive change and give the youth the insight and tools they need to build healthy relationships.

Join our efforts in “Fluttered for Saint Vincent’s” by spreading the Southcoast with a positive transformation! For a small donation we will decorate the lawns of friends, families and local businesses with our Butterflies! Together we will beautify the area and spread our message of Treatment, Care and Transformation.

How can I be part of Fluttered for Saint Vincent’s?

  • Donate to Fluttered for Saint Vincent’s on our website
  • Complete the Flutter form that lists the address(es) of those you’d like to Flutter
  • Take pictures, tag Saint Vincent’s on social media and use #FlutteredforSaintVincents

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do the Butterfly’s appear?
    • Once a request has been received the lawn decorations will magically appear!
  • How long will the Butterflies be on display?
    • The butterflies will grace the lawns of those who have been nominated for one week and will then magically disappear as they travel to the next Fluttered location.
  • How many Butterflies will be placed on the lawn?
    • Donations of $50 or more will have 20 Butterflies magically appear on lawns (space permitting).
  • Can we keep the Butterflies?
    • Unfortunately, no. All of the Butterflies will be used to Flutter another lawn.