Life Skills Program

Saint Vincent’s Life Skills program provides youth, ages 14 to 21, with the education, skills, training and guidance to prepare them for the transition to independent living and young adulthood. Instruction in daily living and organizational skill sets as well as vocational training provide opportunities to development employable skills, consider future career options and make good choices. The Life Skills program supports youth as they complete their education, develop vocational interests and skills, secure employment and begin to learn the life skills necessary to live independently. For those youth whose family ties are minimal, the program prioritizes alternative relationship-building as a means of developing lifelong experiences toward self-sufficiency.

Life Skills promotes cultural sensitivity, self-determination and community participation. The program helps to ensure that youth live, work and further their education as independently as possible after transitioning from Saint Vincent’s. Whether working toward completing their education or engaging in vocational training or meaningful work experiences, youth partner with Life Skills program staff to achieve success by building on their strengths, learning new skills and developing competence.