Our History

For more than 130 years, Saint Vincent’s has provided a safe, nurturing environment for children and families in need.

At its founding, Saint Vincent’s was an orphanage, serving as a home for children whose parent or parents were unable to care for them due to ill health, death, lack of financial means or other challenges. Over the years, we have adapted our programs and services to meet the changing needs of children, youth and families as they face a variety of issues, including abuse, neglect, poverty, addiction, mental illness, emotional and behavioral problems, domestic abuse and family trauma and learning challenges.

original Saint Vincent's home

Throughout Massachusetts and indeed across the country, there has been considerable focus on empowering families to remain intact within their communities of origin rather than separating them through long-term out-of-home placements. In collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families and other child-serving state agencies and insurers, Saint Vincent’s continues to refine its programs and services to meet the needs of the communities we serve. This has resulted in significant changes in our array of programs as we provide children and families with a continuum of service delivery options. Whether through our out-patient mental health clinic or our in-home clinical services, families can now get the help they need by contacting our Intake Coordinator directly. The Intake Coordinator will then assist in securing the program or level of care that meets the family’s needs. Our clinical team is trained to take into account the emotional, physical and developmental needs of the children, youth and families we serve to ensure accurate assessment and successful treatment.

Although separation is sometimes necessary, Saint Vincent’s strives to reunite children with their families as quickly as possible. We work with a variety of community resources to provide a wide range of services and levels of care to fulfill our mission to offer individualized treatment, compassionate care and transformative healing. We work to restore hope and promote growth and change by providing families with comprehensive assessment and treatment services. Our approach to care is non-judgmental, and we honor the cultural diversity that characterizes the children and families we care for.

Our main campus is located in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Most of our services, including our outpatient mental health clinic and various group care services, are provided at our Fall River campus on Highland Avenue. We also maintain group homes in Fall River and in Plymouth, MA, and provide community-based and in-home services throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.