Individual Therapy

Office Based Treatment

Administered in an office-based setting, Individual Therapy is a one-on-one approach provided for children and adolescents dealing with issues that may include trauma, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, social/peer concerns, attention deficits, learning difficulties, and/or interruption with daily functioning. Individual therapy creates a safe environment for the client to engage in self-expression and enhance their development. Saint Vincent’s clinicians are trained in evidence-based treatment practices and understand the unique needs of children and adolescents. An initial assessment based on a client’s mental health, life experiences and development level will help determine the course of treatment. The Clinician works with the child and caregiver(s) to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that provides support for the client as s/he begins to address reasons for seeking treatment. The long-term goals of therapeutic intervention may include, but are not limited to reducing distressing or concerning symptoms, strengthening self-esteem, improving communication skills, and enhancing overall functioning.

School Based Treatment

School can be a stressor for many children and adolescents. Beyond the pressure of academic performance, social and/or peer issues can influence a child’s functioning, sometimes leading to emotional and behavioral difficulties. School-based counseling brings the clinician directly into the academic environment to assist the student with school specific problems. Anxiety, bullying, social influences, attention and learning issues are some of the common treatment focuses with school-based individual therapy.