Saint Vincent’s offers an array of behavioral health services in a variety of settings. While treatment is individualized to meet the needs of the youth and family, all of Saint Vincent’s services share the same foundation: a commitment to providing compassionate, holistic care for children and their families. Whether they take place in the home, the school or the community, our services support positive change and healthy relationships.

Office Based Treatment

Administered in an office-based setting, Individual Therapy is a one-on-one approach provided for children and adolescents dealing with issues that may include trauma, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, social/peer concerns, attention deficits, learning difficulties, and/or interruption with daily functioning. Individual therapy creates a safe environment for the client to engage in self-expression and enhance their development. Saint Vincent’s clinicians are trained in evidence-based treatment practices and understand the unique needs of children and adolescents. An initial assessment based on a client’s mental health, life experiences and development level will help determine the course of treatment. The Clinician works with the child and caregiver(s) to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that provides support for the client as s/he begins to address reasons for seeking treatment. The long-term goals of therapeutic intervention may include, but are not limited to reducing distressing or concerning symptoms, strengthening self-esteem, improving communication skills, and enhancing overall functioning.

School Based Treatment

School can be a stressor for many children and adolescents. Beyond the pressure of academic performance, social and/or peer issues can influence a child’s functioning, sometimes leading to emotional and behavioral difficulties. School-based counseling brings the clinician directly into the academic environment to assist the student with school specific problems. Anxiety, bullying, social influences, attention and learning issues are some of the common treatment focuses with school-based individual therapy.

Office Based Treatment

Developing and maintaining a strong family foundation is very important. Life events and significant stressors can cause challenges for any family. When families find that they need additional support, a strengths-based approach can assist with reducing conflict and increasing effective communication within the family unit. Saint Vincent’s clinicians recognize that, although each family is different, all families have strengths on which they can build. Services are provided with the family’s vision, specific needs and cultural considerations as the framework for treatment.

Office Based Treatment

Saint Vincent’s offers psychiatric assessment and medication management services for clients who are also participating in individual therapy at Saint Vincent’s. Child and adolescent psychiatrists are licensed physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Services can assist with identifying whether symptoms have a behavioral cause, are organic (psychological) in nature, or are related to psychosocial stressors/influences in daily functioning. Psychiatry services at Saint Vincent’s embrace a family systems approach to treatment with the belief that, when one member of a family is in pain, all family members are experiencing pain. As a result, psychiatry and medication management services must occur with the full participation of the parent/guardian/caregiver.

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Office Based

The brain is multifaceted and complex. Sometimes it is necessary to perform a broad range of specialized tasks to gain an accurate picture of how an individual’s brain functions. A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of an individual's brain functioning based upon their performance when completing a series of testing procedures. The evaluation includes activities such as drawing, completing puzzles, memory tests and problem solving tasks, academic tests and tests of imagination. Sometimes, questionnaires are used as well. Areas assessed can include intellectual ability, visual motor functioning, academic skills, memory and attention, executive functioning, adaptive functioning, personality and emotional functioning.

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Home / Community Based Treatment

Available for eligible Masshealth recipients as part of the CBHI array of services

In-Home Therapy works intensively with your whole family, not just your child, in your own home and community setting to strengthen relationships and support your child. In-Home Therapy can help your child and family resolve conflicts, learn new ways to talk with and understand each other, create helpful new routines, and identify community resources which could be helpful. Services are delivered by one or more members of Saint Vincent’s professional therapeutic and support team. Services are available seven days/week between the hours of 8am – 8pm and include a 24/7 telephone response for urgent issues.

Community Based Treatment

Available for eligible Masshealth recipients as part of the CBHI array of services

Some children and teens want to get along with others but need help learning how to connect appropriately with peers and adults. Working together with a Therapeutic Mentor, your child can learn social and communication skills and practice them in everyday settings. Services focus on helping youth develop age-appropriate behaviors within their relationships at home, in school, and within the broader community. Services may be provided in a variety of settings such as home, school, child care centers, and other appropriate community settings. Therapeutic Mentoring is provided as one component of an overall clinically-driven treatment plan and is supervised by an independently licensed clinician.