For the children, adolescents and their families who seek our care, Saint Vincent’s Services offers an extensive range of child-focused, family-centered, trauma-informed services across the developmental spectrum to meet their individualized needs, and support the general well-being of those we serve in a holistic manner.


Saint Vincent’s Services is committed to fostering the well-being of children, young adults, families, and the community through a holistic approach to treatment and care. Taking into account the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs of those we serve, we help our clients draw on their strengths and resilience to make positive change in their lives.


Our vision is to be a place of positive change for children, adolescents and their families and to give them the insight and tools they need to build healthy relationships.


As an entity of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fall River, we are committed to the well being of children and families. We demonstrate this commitment through advocacy, a strengths-based approach to personal development, and family-centered, trauma-informed care.

We encourage the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual development of each individual we serve. We provide care with compassion, empathy, and integrity, ensuring that all our services promote trust, healing and growth.

We believe in every individual’s inherent uniqueness and right to be treated with respect. We demonstrate our consideration of others through listening, honesty, reflection and acceptance.

We embrace the diversity of those we serve and our staff. We honor their perspectives, which can originate from lived experience.

Acknowledging that learning is a lifelong process, we support the ongoing professional development of our staff and remain open to change and continuous improvement.
We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care for those we serve and to cultivating the resources and capacities to achieve those standards. We recognize the potential of our collective knowledge, skills, and talents and actively support emerging leaders who are committed to fulfilling our mission.

Organizational Policies

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