Pre-Independent Living (Pre-IL)

Saint Vincent’s Pre-Independent Living Program provides a community-based congregate care setting for adolescent youth, ages 16 or older, with individualized support that addresses all aspects of life-skills development for a successful transition to independent living. The program provides a therapeutic, goal-directed alternative for youth who are unable to live in a family setting but are able to independently manage community access.

While residing in the pre-independent living group home, youth attend school within the community, including public school, special education-collaborative or GED programs. Staff members work closely with family members, life-long connections and community resources to develop and maintain nurturing relationships that will support the youth in the community. Each youth’s clinical care manager serves as the liaison with families, collaterals and providers to ensure both timely and accurate reporting of treatment information. The clinical care manager also addresses educational advocacy issues and supports parents, educational surrogate parents and others to ensure the proper educational placement for those youth requiring special education programming.