Young Parent Living Program

Saint Vincent’s Young Parent Living Program (YPLP) is an independent living program that serves young mothers from ages 13 to 22. The program supports and educates these young mothers in basic parenting skills and life skills while providing stability to the young mother and her child/children. Through this supportive family approach, these young mothers can continue to enhance their education and skills to build a solid foundation for their young families.

While residing in the Young Parent Living Program, the mothers attend school within the community, including public school, special education-collaborative, or GED programs. After completion of secondary education, the mothers must be involved with vocational training, employed, or engaged with both.  Summer programming is also provided by the Saint Vincent’s Life Skills staff to ensure the young parents have structured opportunities to increase their education and vocational training. 

Our staff members work closely with family members, life-long connections, and community resources to develop and maintain nurturing relationships that will support the youth in the community.