Children Mental Health Awareness Day 2020

Join us as we celebrate National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.

A day observed each year to raise public awareness about the importance of children’s mental health and focus on promoting positive mental health, well-being and social development for all children and youth.   

Saint Vincent’s Services outpatient clinical team consists of clinical social workers, mental health clinicians, child psychiatrists and psychologists who will work with you and your child to develop a treatment plan that responds to your child’s specific needs and symptoms. Saint Vincent’s outpatient mental health clinic provides assessment and interventions focused exclusively on the needs of children, youth and families.
It is normal for children and youth to feel sad and not themselves sometimes, especially during this unprecedented and prolonged crisis, which has impacted all of our lives in ways that were unimaginable several months ago. Such experiences can make it difficult for children to engage in activities which they usually enjoy and look forward to. 
How can you help if your child is having a hard time handling the stresses of COVID-19:

  • In the absence of school, provide structure through the day and plan opportunities for learning and creativity.
  • Listen to your child’s fears and anxieties.  They are real and your child will benefit from being heard and understood.
  • With social distancing the expectation, create safe opportunities for connection within your family and with friends and loved ones to lessen feelings of isolation.
  • Provide breaks from prolonged stay-at-home orders by taking family walks or engaging in fun family activities to provide exercise, while also maintaining safety.
  • Parents who are now working from home, providing educational support for children, and coping with their own fears and anxieties also need effective supports, outlets and coping mechanisms.

Do you or someone in your family need support? Our Clinical Team utilizes evidence-based treatments which have been shown to be helpful over time in supporting your child’s ability to successfully participate in school, family and social activities. Our goal is to work with children and youth to re-engage in those activities that give them pleasure, help them to feel good about themselves and build on their strengths to thrive within their family and community.  

Please contact Saint Vincent’s Services Outpatient Mental Health Clinic for more information or to make an appointment.